Canning Baby Food – Why You Should Do It

The easy process of canning baby food is not only beneficial to babies but to the parents as well. Today, we are much aware of preservatives added in instant foods or meals. Thus homemade canning provides safer and rewarding result provide hat you know the right way to can foods. What is best about home canning is that consumers are given the opportunity to provide quality and control the content.

After selecting the fresh produce to can, wash them with clean water in order to eradicate dirt, germs as well as pesticides used for the produce. Now you are geared up to heat your garden or farm fresh food finds. Canning baby food can start with steaming. With this, you are sure that the steamed food’s vitamins and minerals content are not lost. You can also boil the foods but pay attention to your cooking time. russian chocolate

Based on studies, the ideal foods to be preserved and canned at home are the high-acid foods. High acidity can aid in reducing bacteria and food contaminants. Water bath procedure is a process of preserving baby foods in cans which is perfect for tomatoes and most fruits. Conversely, there are agricultural sources which do not promote the canning of tomatoes by means of the boiling water process since there are varieties of tomato which are not acidic.

Certainly, it is not good for foods to become excessively spongy especially when your child is just beginning to take in solid foods. So, as part of a rule of thumb in canning baby food, you have to pour baby foods in a blender and start to puree it to a desired consistency. As the blender works, you will observe that the mixed foods now will start to soften and have consistency. Continue to mix it in the blender until a perfect consistency is obtained.

Another thing that you should take note of is to always check the processing period. You can also use the ice cube tray or employ the freezing technique because these are desirable being the safest canning process of baby foods. Because babies are so delicate utmost safety should be observe to prevent contaminated or expired canned foodstuffs.

Transfer food in a strainer to eradicate peelings or seeds. You may or may not add sugar or salt. And when canning baby food, you may use old jars provided that it underwent sterilization process to prevent botulism from occurring.


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