E-Commerce platforms and their effects on consumer comfort and productivity

With so many consumers are shopping online for everything from food and books to tools and gadgets, e-commerce has become an increasingly popular enterprise. More business owners are creating e-commerce sites that offer consumers a range of services, both on and offline. While some e-commerce businesses are strictly online, others allow consumers to purchase products from stores and then have the item shipped directly to their homes. A handful of these businesses offer consumers a service with which they are familiar: using mobile devices to order products.

Improve customer experience:

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring web design company Dubai is the way it improves customer experience. Most people are more apt to return to an e-commerce site if it is well designed, easy to navigate, and has clear, concise navigation and checkout procedures.

Mobile devices are becoming more useful:

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a staple in a growing number of people’s daily lives. Studies show that the percentage of households that have access to a cell phone is set to increase this year over last year. As a result, an increasing number of consumers will shop online using their cellular devices, instead of walking into a brick-and-mortar physical store. If you own or operate an e-commerce site and you’re considering offering this type of service, here are a few benefits for doing so.

Increase sale:

Another benefit to offering E-commerce sites and mobile access to customers is that it increases sales. Consider how many times a day, and in what areas, consumers check their mobile phones. Studies show that the vast majority of Internet traffic, some 6 billion a day, comes from mobile devices. A recent study by Leadsight, a digital marketing firm, found that almost half of all online searches were done via mobile devices. When a consumer spends money on an e-commerce site, he wants that money to be in his hands and ready to use immediately.

These sites offering mobile apps:

Even after a sale is made, consumers need a way to provide feedback. Many consumers report missing the chance to return a product because they didn’t know about it and didn’t want to incur shipping costs to send it back. With mobile apps, a consumer can keep track of an online retail item’s total cost without having to go through the trouble of returning the item. With these apps, consumers can get help with ordering online, tracking their shipping costs, and even enjoying access to real-time customer service.

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