How Should a Prayer Mat Be?

A prayer mat or prayer rug is a rectangular piece of cloth, often a flat pile cloth, used frequently by Muslims and some Christians for prayer. The basic purpose of a prayer mat is to provide a surface upon which to sit or lie while praying. Traditionally, prayer mats were dark to hide the shine of the spices and other liquids that were used during prayer, but today there are prayer mats available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. Prayer mats can also be made of different fabrics, such as cotton, so that they may be washed easier. Read this more about praying mats.

A Prayer Should Be Able to Accommodate a Person of Any Size

In addition, a prayer mat should be big enough to accommodate at least one person, and possibly more. This is especially important when using it for group prayer, as it provides an area big enough for everyone to kneel or stand, with enough width to cover at least two persons comfortably. However, it may be possible to find prayer mats that are large enough to cover more than two persons.

Custom Sized Praying Mat

If you are planning to buy a prayer mat for worship, then ask the store from where you are buying your mat whether they can cut it to size, so that you can have a custom prayer mat made for you. This way, you will be able to use a smaller-sized prayer mat, for larger gatherings.

Designs and Motifs on a Praying Mat

In fact, there are several types of prayer rugs and travel prayer mat available, with different motifs and designs that are appropriate for Muslim and Buddhist prayer sessions. Some prayer rugs even have pictures of praying places, as these beautiful images have long been associated with Muslim worship.

Turkish Praying Mat

A Turkish prayer mat can also be covered in fabric, as the carpet used on the Kaaba was also covered in silk. The Kaaba, which is the most sacred place in Islam, was found in the area of Syria and was built by Turkish Muslims hundreds of years ago. Although the exact origin of the carpet is not known, it is believed to have come from Asia. The carpet has been used as the flooring of the prayer mat in houses of worship ever since. Another interesting fact about this carpet is that many of its edges have been inscribed in ornamental patterns, making it a unique piece of artwork.

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