Get Rid of Acne Naturally – Visit Your Health Food Store

Acne is typically an adolescent rite of passage. Some adults may also experience acne at some point during their adulthood. There are a number of very expensive treatments that can be purchased to try and clear up a person’s skin. A dermatologist can also prescribe medication for acne cases that are very severe. There are a number of natural ways to cure acne that many people may not even be aware of. russian food store

Natural remedies are usually much less expensive, and have little or no side effects. Natural remedies do not require a prescription and can usually be bought online or at a health food store. There are a number of different homeopathic pills or medicines that can be used. It may be a trial and error to find the right solution for every person. Antimonium tartaricum, Silicea, and Pulsatilla are taken orally. These medicines are available in dis-solvable tablets, and are typically under ten dollars a bottle. A naturopath can provide a better diagnosis by looking at the exact type of acne that needs to be cured.

Choosing an all natural topical ointment may also be beneficial to the skin. Over the counter medications typically contain alcohol or another product that can dry out the skin. Some people experience negative side effects. A holistic approach uses natural ingredients that are much gentler on the skin. One such treatment is the use of an oatmeal mask. Cooked oatmeal spread on the face is gentle and soothing. There are many products that use oatmeal as an ingredient, but straight oatmeal is even better.

Although many dermatologists will not admit that diet plays a key factor in an acne outburst, it only makes sense. Foods that are deep fried or have a high oil content, tend to be a trigger for any acne outbreak. A person suffering acne can benefit by maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamin E and C. These are natural ingredients that are known to rejuvenate the skin.

It is a good idea to always read the entire label on any acne treatment. A natural remedy should contain natural ingredients and not a lot of added fillers. Natural remedies work from the inside out, which may result in slower results. It is important to stick with a natural remedy for at least a month before giving up.

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