Steps involved in IVF

IVF is a short form for In Vitro Fertilization, the term vitro indicates that this procedure is happening outside the body. You may be wondering that fertilization is a process which usually takes place inside the woman’s body, right? But if the couple is facing any fertility issues such as female or male infertility, it becomes harder for the lady to conceive. To resolve this issue IVF treatment was developed in which both, the eggs from the female and the sperm from male are withdrawn from their body and then are allowed to fertilize in laboratory. After appropriate fertilization into embryo, this embryo is then implanted back into woman’s uterus in order to facilitate a normal pregnancy.

Although IVF is a very popular technique but still a lot of people are unaware about the actual steps involved throughout this procedure. This is why we have decided to discuss these steps below in a simpler way so that you would get a general idea about IVF technique.

Ovarian stimulation

The first step in IVF technique is to stimulate the ovaries of the woman so that the follicles would start the production of appropriate eggs. For this purpose a hormonal therapy is started through medications for about 12 days. During these days the ovaries are monitored at particular intervals through different blood tests and ultrasound to check the efficacy of the medication.

Egg and sperm collection

This is the second step, after 12 days of hormonal therapy a trigger shot is given so that the follicles would get ruptured. This ruptured follicle is then collected after 36 hours so that the eggs produced in it would be collected through a minor surgical procedure. We all know that eggs are immobile so we can only take out through surgical procedure. Whereas on the other side sperm possess motility so they are easily collected from male partner in the form of semen sample.

Egg fertilization

After collecting both samples, sperm and eggs are allowed to fertilize under well controlled conditions in the laboratory. This fertilization will result in the formation of various embryos. The doctor will then carefully examine them and will choose the most suitable embryo to be implanted back into woman’s body.

Embryo transfer

In the last step, suitable embryo is transferred or in more correct words transplanted back into woman’s uterus through a minor surgery again. This embryo will then grow like a normal fetus within the woman’s womb. Some medications are also given at the end in this technique to support the pregnancy.

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