Will body contouring solve your problems with obesity?

Based on the results of recent consumer surveys, it appears that more than six out of ten women have considered undergoing some form of body contouring shortly. Here, in this article, we will discuss body contouring.

What to know about non-surgical body sculpting, and how it differs from surgical body sculpting, is important for everyone who is thinking about a procedure such as this. This innovative procedure is performed on a smaller scale than most cosmetic procedures, and because of this, there are more risks involved. The technique used for nonsurgical body sculpting involves using non-surgical Botox injections to tighten skin and eliminate lines and wrinkles from the face and other visible body parts. If a patient decides to undergo such a procedure, the extent to which he or she can be selective about the areas affected and how much of the facial structure will be affected remains to be seen.

Non-surgical body contouring also has its share of benefits. If the patient has just undergone weight-loss surgery, for example, he or she may benefit from tightening the skin around the upper arms, as well as tightening the muscles of the neck. In addition, if the patient has just been through some sort of liposuction, the neck skin can be tightened, as well as the chin and jaw muscles.

But body contouring does have its share of drawbacks. One of these is associated with the patient’s ability to consent to the procedure. Although under local anesthetic, the surgery can still be painful, so most patients request the use of general anesthesia. As a result, most plastic surgeons ask their patients to abstain from consuming alcohol just hours before surgery to avoid excessive drowsiness that might occur with an oral sedative. Another consideration for patients who are undergoing this procedure is that they should not smoke for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Body contouring or cool sculpting in Dubai is often seen as an alternative form of weight loss surgery since the removal of unwanted fat cells often leads to a reduction in overall size. But it must be noted that if additional treatments such as liposuction are needed to eliminate the fat cells or to reduce the final size of the treated area, body contouring treatments may no longer be necessary. Many patients choose to undergo these advanced procedures because they no longer feel comfortable with their current body weight or shape, or they have reached a point where more drastic weight loss surgery would create a dire physical health situation.

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