How to Make Your Websites VIDEO WEBSITES

You know it, I know it… EVERYBODY knows it:

EVERYTHING content-wise online is moving to video (on hand-held devices). People are discovering new music more on YouTube than anywhere else. They are getting their news and all other information via video, more and more and more. e poe tegemine

SEARCH ENGINES FAVOR VIDEO. Google chooses to feature a video in their top search engine search returns, not just because they own YouTube, but because people PREFER video as their go-to source for virtually everything online!

In fact, Cisco reported that the chances of getting a page 1 ranking for a Google search are over 50 times greater with a video!

The Internet has become television and nobody wants to look at a page full of text on TV!


You need to be using video on your blog, on your website homepage, and even in your email subscriber boxes and other calls to action (CTA).


1. Approximately 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

2. Approximately 6 BILLION hours of video is watched, just on YouTube, every month.

3. 70% of viewers will watch a video until the end if it is less than 1 minute long.

4. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

5. The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with a video.

“1.8 Million Words is the value of one minute of video.” – Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester

So, how do you get started using video to promote yourself or a product, or service?

You have a phone that takes video, right? Shoot video (or have someone else shoot it if YOU are the subject). You only need a couple of minutes of footage.

Open a free account at . This is an amazingly easy (yet very powerful) totally web-based video editing platform. You can quickly learn to edit your videos (remember keep them SHORT and to the point!). You can add text or images. The degree of sophistication is only limited to what YOU want to do. You can even video yourself directly from your computer using your webcam with Wevideo.


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