Why You Need to Stop Smoking

It takes a lot to quit smoking, and you have to want to stop smoking, if you don’t want to quit, then there is no way any pills or advice will work for you.

Smoking means any kind of smoke inhalation, cigarette, pipe or passive smoking. Passive smoking means that you inhale the smoke of somebody else that is smoking in the same room where you are. Now the inhalation of smoke cause a number of heath related problems, the worst I believe will be Coronary artery disease or just plain old heart disease.

Why Does Smoking Cause Coronary Artery Disease?

1. Cigarette smoke robs your heart of oxygen.
2. Cigarette smoke raises your bad cholesterol and lowers your good cholesterol.
3. Smoking damages the artery walls and makes them hard.
4. Nicotine causes the coronary arteries to go into a spasm or makes it to close with every time you take a draw of a cigarette.
5. Nicotine causes the platelet’s of your blood cells to stick together and that can cause easy formation of blood clots.
6. When you smoke, it raises your pulse and blood pressure.
7. Smoking irritates the heart muscle, which causes dangerous heart rhythms.
8. Tobacco smoke contains many harmful chemicals such as cyanide, tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, the same gas coming for the exhaust of your car which many use to suicide. hanftee kaufen dm

How Do I Stop Smoking?

You are going to deal with three aspects here if you want to quit smoking cigarettes.
1. Cigarette smoke is addictive.
2. You are going to have withdrawal symptoms.
3. The psychological effect of smoking.

Do not try to scale down before you decide to stop smoking. You have to decide if you want to stop smoking. You have to want to stop, and then decide on a date when you are going to stop. Smoke your last cigarette the day before going to bed. Make sure there is nothing left to smoke near you the next morning.
Just think of it, if you smoked your last cigarette at 10pm last night and you woke at 6am, you already stopped smoking for 8 hours. You have about 40 hours left for all the nicotine to be out of your system, and that will be tomorrow morning!

When you stop smoking, your body will react because there will be no more nicotine available. It takes about 48 hours for nicotine to get out of your system.

Deal With Your Cravings

The bad part is the cravings that you are going to get. That is normal, because your body wants the nicotine, but this will only last for about two to five minutes at a time. Now to deal with the cravings you must eat fresh fruit, sugar-free bubblegum, popcorn or you can chew on a toothpick. You must drink a lot of water, because this will help with the cleaning process. Try not to use any alcohol for the first 2 weeks, because people smoke more when taking alcohol.


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