How Armor Plated Trucks Can Save Lives

You may automatically think that driving around with billions of dollars in the bank on a big steel truck is risky. It’s a bit dangerous, yes, but for some jobs where your life is on the line, other options are much more likely. Let’s face it; having a bodyguard or an escort on a stake-out is not as fun as being in charge of a major delivery truck carrying goods of note to a million miles per day. But if you’re going to look at the benefits of buying an armored truck, you’ll realize they are pretty significant.

  • The first one is that you get a lot more bangs for your buck. You see most people who are in charge of large deliveries and other high-risk operations spend thousands of bucks on security services. What you pay an armored vehicle dealer is well worth their investment. Even if the goods are damaged or stolen in an accident, the price of a highly customized, the well-armored vehicle is something you won’t regret paying for.
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to just regular buyback programs. You can also have your company secure the transport of its equipment for insurance, theft, or damage recovery. A lot of delivery trucks are not properly equipped with anti-theft devices, leaving them open to attack by criminals who have an easy time taking them out of commission. A lot of regular buyback programs don’t have this kind of coverage, leaving companies in a position where they have a truck, but no way of protecting it from criminals if they break in or damage the truck in some way.
  • Just because you’re using regular buyback programs doesn’t mean you’re done with them. Companies can also hire mobile companies that will come out and complete these tasks for them. These companies are highly skilled and well-trained in all aspects of truck and vehicle protection. They can look over your fleet and recommend the best vehicle options for each job, ensuring that the truck is assigned to the right patrol units.
  • Armored trucks with Trophy System integration are designed for maximum protection in all kinds of climates and terrains. Your vehicles will have a hard-wired defensive armor system with integrated heavy-duty doors, bulletproof windows, and a blast-proof windshield. The interior of the truck will be protected by bulletproof vests. In addition, the windows will be bulletproof as well, ensuring that your customers don’t have to fear for their lives while they’re being transported around town.

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